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We will not be having any litters in 2016

If you are looking for a puppy, contact Marsha Smith at:


(425) 985-4744

She has a litter planned to be born in May 2016.


Black Diamond Dals was founded November 2005 by Debbie and Adrian Sutor. After many years of owning horses and dogs, we decided it was time to find a breed of dog who would work the best with our family.

Our family spends our free time outdoors, fishing, camping and spending many hours in the saddle exploring mountain trails. The Dalmatian is the perfect fit, they are active, loyal companions who have the stamina to keep up with us.

Our Dalmatians do an average of 100 miles per month on the trails running along side their equine partners. There's nothing better than sliding into the sleeping bag, under the stars after a long day in the saddle, with your spotted partner snuggled up close (or on those particularly cool nights, IN the sleeping bag with you!)

We are members in good standing with the Dalmatian Club of America, Mt. Hood Dalmatian Club as well as the Walla Walla Kennel Club.

If you are interested in a Black Diamond Dal all your own, please check out our Available adults page. Owning a Dalmatian is a 12 to 14 year commitment and your decision to own one should be very carefully considered.


Available adult dogs

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